Session 4:V 8-10
Jude v. 8-10 Outline: The Authority of God
Jude starts with a recall: Yet in like manner referring to three examples from verses 4-6:
Like those before, these today are also ___________________ drawing people away from the truth of ___________________.
They rely on visions or dreams which we might think of as
But we know that God will never give a vision or command that is counter to His Word in the Bible.
The Bible is our ultimate source of _________________.
Legalism is the idea that we must do or refrain from doing certain things in order to qualify as God’s people. This leads us to ___________________ righteousness – which is opposed to the truth of God’s grace on sinful people.
We are saved by ___________________ through ___________________ that no one may boast. (Ephesians 2:8).
We are not saved by how good we can follow a checklist or how well we can uphold a moral law.
Jude mentions that these false teachers reject ___________________.
Romans 13:1-2 reminds us that God institutes ___________________ ___________________ over ours lives.
We are called by God to submit to our leaders on earth.
God is ___________________ even over those leaders.
In Jude 9 we see a battle between Satan and an angel named ___________________ over the body of _________________.
In that, Michael does not trust in his own ___________________ and God given authority, but on the name of ___________________.
This serves as an example of us also to trust in the ___________________ and lean not on our own ___________________. (Proverbs 3:5-7)
We, as a people of God, must trust in the ___________________ of God
Not in our fleshly instincts
We must seek to understand the ___________________ of God
And never should be replace God’s ___________________ for anything else.
God will not instruct us to do anything counter to the Word He has given us in the Bible.
God does not ___________________.
God’s Word to us does not ___________________.
Let us be committed to the authority of the Bible.
For next week: read Numbers 21-25 this week.