• Identity: Luke 1:13-17
    • JTB is the long awaited son of ____________ and ____________
      • A family of the tribe of ____________ in the nation ____________
      • His father was a ____________ in the Jewish religion.
    • JTB was related to ____________, the Messiah, and sent as the prophet to get the world ready for the coming of Christ.
    • God’s Word declared JTB to live under the ____________ vow
      • As described by Moses in Numbers 6:1-21
      • And lived by Samuel (1 Samuel 1-3) and ____________ (Judges 13:1-5) in the OT
      • In this mann JTB was sanctified, set apart from the rest of the culture.
        • Why is this an important contract to Jesus who seemed far less set apart in his dealings with sinful people?





  • Mission: John 1:6-9, Luke 3:1-22, Matthew 3:1-17, Mark 1:1-11
    • The 15th year of ____________ Caesar is AD 29.
      • Marked historical references help to validate the story and align these events with other world history we might be familiar with.
    • JTB preached a message of ____________ to Israel
      • Repent: To change one’s mind for better
        • Turning away from a wrong direction and into a right direction.
    • John came as those ____________ before in Israel
      • With the same ____________ of devotion to the Lord
      • With an ____________ unlike the norm of his society
      • With a ____________ that was anything but ordinary
    • It was his message that was attractive
      • Not his ____________.
    • That message was the same for all levels of society: Repent and turn to ____________
      • From ____________ at the top
      • To the ____________ and religious authorities
      • All the way down the line in the Israelite people
    • All of this is a ____________ plan of God to pave the way for the coming ____________: Jesus Christ who would bring salvation.
    • JTB is ____________ people in the river signaling their move to repentance looking forward to the new life ____________ would enable in His people
      • We baptize looking ____________ on what ____________ has done for us in our forgiveness, redemption, and new life.
      • Baptism is ____________.  It does not…
        • Wash away our ____________
        • ____________ salvation
        • Guarantee our ____________ in heaven
      • When Jesus comes to be baptized we see one of the few images in the Scriptures of the ____________.
        • Jesus the Son
        • The voice of God the Father
        • The Spirit descending like a dove
    • JTB lived on mission always
      • Never wavering, never pandering to the culture
      • Never pointing to anything except the coming ____________.
  • Reception: Luke 3:19-20, Matthew 11:7-20
    • JTB was well received by many, but not all
      • Anytime you ____________ the status quo
        • You meet ____________
        • His greatest was probably ____________, the king of the Jews.
    • The Jewish authorities opposed him as well
      •  He held the highest standards of Jewish life
        • And brought to them a message of repentance: Turn back to God
        • And he was rejected
      • Jesus came in much the opposite.
        • He ate and drank with the sinners
        • He encountered those the Jews would have nothing to do with
        • He was rejected as well.
      • What does this contrast of persons and equal rejection tell us about the true hearts of those Jewish leaders?






  • Execution: Matthew 14:1-13
    • JTB angered ____________ Antipas 
      • Two generations of Herods from the birth of ____________
      • The Herods would be the stats of “Jerry Springer: Arkansas Edition” if there ever was one.
        • JTB confronted Herod about taking his ____________ wife, Herodias, for himself
        • Ultimately it was ____________ who requested the execution of JTB to which Herod agreed.
  • Our Role: 
    • (Phl 1:21 ESV) For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
    • We are called to a work like no other
      • To shine the ____________ of God for a lost a ____________ world
    • You want to see the country change
      • Our State change
      • Our city change
      • The school change
      • Your kids change
        • It starts in ____________, friend.
    • We are to be transformed by the ____________ of our minds
      • And that begins with the Word of ____________
      • We dedicate ourselves to His word
      • We read
      • We study
      • We teach
        • And God ____________ us
        • And that impacts everything around us
        • As light breaks out in darkness our light will shine on the world around us


This week….


First: Devote yourself to the Lord


God, I realize your greatness and my weakness.  Forgive me for my sins and failures. Take charge of this life and grant me another life eternally with you.  Help me today and every day to live in devotion to you.


Second: Feed your soul in His word


Open your Bible to the book of John this week and read a chapter each day.  Continue in the Word daily.  Don’t rush, but absorb the Word of God as it feeds your soul.


Third: Prayerfully ask Him to change your heart according to His will.

Pray this week for God to tune your heart to the things of His will.  Ask Him to guide your day according to His purposes.