• Luke 2:21-38


The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God.  As the third member of the trinity He is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father and the Son.  He inspired men to write the Scriptures and enables us to understand them.  The Holy Spirit convicts the people of God of their sin, calls them to salvation, transforms their lives according to the will of God, equips them for service, and preserves them for eternity. 


Simeon was filled with the Holy Spirit.  Anna was guided by the Holy Spirit.  Believers since the beginning of the world have been under the influence of this same Spirit of God.


The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity that indwells the people of God on earth.  It is the job of the HS even to move us to know who God is and transform our sinful lives into the righteousness of God. 


As soon as a person comes to saving faith in Jesus Christ (which is also caused by the HS) they are immediately indwelt by the HS for the rest of their lives.  This is a marker of those who are truly saved. 


There is not second wave where the HS comes on you and the HS is not some force you can invoke or activate in a time of trouble.  If you are in Christ, the HS is in you always and in all of the events of life.


If the Spirit of God is within you and God can do all things, what should you fear in this life?


If the Spirit of God is within you and God controls all things, what should you seek in this life?


If the Spirit of God is within you and God knows all things, how do you view the pursuit of knowledge in your life?


How does living for the glory of God inlight of the indwelling Holy Spirit change your outlook on daily living?



The one, true God exists as three coequal persons: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and The Holy Spirit that together are one in essence as the one, true God.  The triune Godhead has eternally existed in the past as three in one and will continue forever into eternity ahead. It was by the will of the Father, through the work of the Son, and with the seal of the Holy Spirit that we live and move and have our being. As His people created by God and sanctified for God we worship the one, true God through living lives of devotion to Him.

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