Share of a time that you were so close to something, yet just not close enough.  Maybe 4 of five numbers in the lotto or a massive pileup on the highway you were one minute shy of.


The Innkeeper was so close to not only seeing Jesus the Messiah, but hosting His birth that night in Bethlehem.  Joseph sought a place to stay, but was rejected by the master of the house and told there was no room for them.  The only option they could find was the manger, an animal shelter.  Had the master of that house, the innkeeper, known what was really happening certainly he would have made room.  Like anyone on that street, had they only known what was going on surely they would have opened their homes to that young couple who would give birth to the God Man.


But they did not know.  They could not know the miracle that was taking place in their midst – unless God revealed it to them.  He did reveal this miracle to the shepherds out in the field.  He revealed what would happen to Mary and to Joseph sending messages via the angels.  God showed Elizabeth what was to come and even John the Baptist knew who the Messiah was before either of the left their mother’s wombs. 


God revealed His will to some, but not to all.  He revealed it to those whom He chose to reveal it, not to those who were powerful, rich, or otherwise worthy in a worldly standard.


That mode has not changed in the way God reveals Himself to His people today.  He shows Himself to those whom He chooses to show Himself and unless He does so the truth of who God is and what He does remains hidden from our hearts.  While it might make our sinful hearts cringe, it is the work of God to reveal Himself to us and not our own searching that finds Him by our diligence.


  • Luke 2:1-7
  • Matthew 11:25-30
  • Romains 10:10-21
  • John 3:16-21
  • John 6:36-40


What is the difference between knowing of someone and knowing them personally?


What does it mean that God would give some people to Jesus and that Jesus would never lose them?


Can someone be so close to salvation, but never get close enough?

What is the one key movement that must happen in order for one to be saved?